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Robotic Surgery Coming to Cairns

Oct 06, 2017

Cairns prostate cancer sufferers will now be able to access the most advanced surgical treatment available with Cairns Private Hospital announcing the imminent installation of the da Vinci® Xi™ Surgical Robot System.

Currently only available in major cities, the installation of the robot at Cairns Private Hospital will allow minimally invasive surgical procedures to be conducted in a range of areas such as urology, gynaecology, ENT, colorectal and general surgery.

Importantly, in an agreement with the public health system, eligible public patients will also have surgical access to the robot.

Hospital CEO Shane Mitchell said he was delighted that the da Vinci Xi Surgical System would allow minimally invasive surgery to be available to Cairns patients and negate the need for them to fly to Brisbane for this surgery.

In particular, the Robot would be key to expanding urological services at the hospital with urologists welcoming the availability of the technology for prostate cancer patients who currently have to travel great distances to access robotic surgery.

“The da Vinci prostatectomy is an innovative technology that offers extraordinary benefits to patients and has revolutionised the treatment for prostate cancer,” said Cairns Urologist Dr Stefan Antoniou.

Benefits to patients include less pain, shorter stay in hospital, and less risk of infection. Patients who have undergone a radical prostatectomy using the da Vinci ® Surgical System can expect to leave hospital in just 1-2 days and return to normal daily activities within 6 weeks.

“The da Vinci Surgical Robot System enables urologists to operate in the difficult to get to lower pelvis through very small incisions with unmatched precision in a 3D environment. It is very effective and the least invasive surgical approach to prostate cancer treatment,” Dr Antoniou said.

In the USA, over 80% of all radical prostatectomies are currently performed using this technology, where the robot replicates the surgeon’s hand movements. It makes for an intuitive approach with a high level of precision, allowing surgeons to perform complex procedures using keyhole surgery, needing incisions of less than 1cm compared to an incision of up to 25cm for a traditional radical prostatectomy.

Cairns Urologists have already been performing robotic surgery for prostate cancer for many years in Brisbane and the introduction of a service in Cairns means we will see more specialists in areas like gynaecology and colorectal surgery start to use the robot too.