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Your stay

Nursing care

Our care is aimed at meeting your physical, emotional and educational needs.  During the first days of your stay the amount of nursing staff time you require will be greater than that needed towards the end of your stay.  The reason for this is that as you become more confident and more independent with managing your baby your nursing requirements will naturally decrease.

What can I expect?

Your hospital stay can be a very busy time

New mothers experience a variety of physical and emotional changes after their delivery. Apart from the excitement and joy, you can also experience sleep deprivation and hormonal changes which can lead to feelings of extreme tiredness and teary episodes. This is normal.  Babies usually feed around 6 – 8 times every 24 hours and often more frequently in the first few days, so we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the rest period and advise your family and friends to visit in visiting hours.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome in the Hospital between 11am and 1pm and between 4pm and 8pm. However, we recommend a rest period between 1pm - 4pm. Friends and relatives should be encouraged not to visit or telephone during this time.

Registration of birth form

Parents must register the birth of their baby within 60 days of delivery. The maternity staff will give you the forms for Registration of Birth and the Family Allowance Claim after the birth of your baby.

Boarder accommodation

Our philosophy embraces a belief in the benefits of both parents being involved in the “hands on” experience, right from birth, to give physical and emotional support to each other. 

Arrangements can be made for partners to stay overnight for a fee. For this fee a bed, linen and breakfast will be provided. (This fee may be refunded by your health fund). Other meals can be provided at an additional cost.

Extra meals can be ordered on the patient’s menu slip.  Please write + Partner on top of the menu.


Meals are prepared fresh daily by our trained chefs. You will receive a menu each morning on which to make your selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Complimentary dinner

During your stay you and your partner are invited to enjoy a complimentary dinner for two. You may choose from our special dinner menu. A complimentary bottle of champagne and "T"Shirt is provided to each mother.

Feeding your baby

Breastfeeding is encouraged and we will be able to assist you if any difficulties arise. Our midwives will, however, assist you in whatever method of feeding you choose.

Post natal information

A folder containing educational information is provided for each mother to take home on discharge.  It includes important phone numbers.

Your baby’s Personal Health Record book also includes Emergency contacts (page 2).

Film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre

See information on film equipment in birth suite and the operating theatre.

Other important links

13 HEALTH (24 hour health hotline including child health) 13 43 25 84
Alcohol and Drug Information Service

07 3837 5989

1800 177 833

Australian Childhood Immunisation Register 1800 653 809
Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline 1800 686 2 686
Beyond Blue The National Depression Initiative 1300 224 636
Child Safety After Hours Service Centre

07 3235 9999

1800 177 135

Kidsafe 07 3854 1829
Parentline 1300 301 300
Poisons Information centre 13 11 26
Child and Youth Health factsheets  

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