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Cairns Private Hospital cares for almost 20,000 heart patients in 20 years

Sep 10, 2019

Cairns Private Hospital is celebrating 20 years of providing crucial cardiac services to the community through its cardiac catheterisation laboratory.

Almost 20,000 patients have used the service since the lab was opened in September 1999, after a campaign led by cardiologist, Dr Chin Lim, to bring more cardiac services to the region.

Dr Lim said: “It has been great to introduce the services to Cairns; previously it all had to be done through Townsville or Brisbane.”

The lab opened with just two cardiologists, including Dr Lim and his colleague, Dr Joseph Ling; it is now used by a team of cardiologists and vascular surgeons, who work in the lab five days a week.

Medical specialists can treat cardiac and vascular patients using minimally invasive techniques and perform advanced procedures, including angiograms, stents, pacemakers and the implantation of defibrillators.

Cardiologist, Dr Joseph Ling, said: “Even though it has been 20 years, fixing hearts never gets old! We make a real difference, not only in terms of the new technology we bring to the region, but also to the lives of our patients. Seeing them healthier and fitter following cardiac intervention is very rewarding”.

During its 20-year lifespan, the lab has undergone some significant changes, including a $2.1 million upgrade in 2018, which included the installation of GE Discovery IGS 730 hybrid.

The technology provides high quality imaging and robotic maneuverability, which can allow procedures to be performed faster and more safely for patients.

Cairns Private Hospital CEO, Ben Tooth, said: “This state of the art equipment enables us to deliver the most comprehensive, high quality cardiac and vascular services to not only our local community but visiting population”.

Dr Lim was recently able to use the lab to unblock an artery of a tourist, who had suffered a heart attack onboard a nearby cruise ship.

“It made a big difference. Having access to the right equipment and being treated locally when time critical enabled her to continue with her travel plans”, Dr Lim said.

Current and past lab staff will come together to mark the occasion.