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Access and Referrals

Cairns Private Hospital supports the need for early referral to Rehabilitation Services (note, no referral is required for outpatient services).

For inpatient rehabilitation, we accept referrals from other hospitals, medical specialists and General Practitioners.

Day Rehabilitation is available to eligible privately insured and veteran patients from within Cairns Private Hospital, other hospitals, and directly from the community.

To attend a Day Rehabilitation Program, patients require a referral from a GP or specialist to one of Cairns Private Hospital's Rehabilitation Specialists or Geriatrician.

Download our referral form for your convenience.

Day rehab referrals to email

Inpatient rehab referrals to fax 07 4052 5372.

Acceptance of a referral is at the discretion of the treating specialist, based on the individual’s capacity to benefit from rehabilitation.

We accept referrals for the following patients:
Private Patients Any patient with relevant hospital insurance cover. We will always confirm with your insurer prior to treatment to ensure you are appropriately covered
Self-Insured Patients An individualised quote will be provided to patients prior to commencing treatment
Workers Compensation/Third Party Approval needs to be sought from the insurance company prior to treatment
Veterans Affairs Patients (DVA) Veterans and War Widows may participate

Contacts for Referral

Inpatient rehabilitation Day patient rehabilitation

T: 07 4052 5214
F: 07 4052 5372

Any enquiries regarding inpatient rehabilitation referrals can be directed to the Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager.

T: 07 4052 8059

Any enquiries regarding Day rehabilitation program referrals can be directed to the Allied Health Manager.

Once we have received your referral, we will contact you to organise an initial assessment with our Specialist. It will be decided at this assessment what therapies may be most beneficial to you.

Your schedule of appointments will be then co-ordinated with you by our Day Program Co-ordinator.

A Discharge Summary including any follow-up recommendations will be sent to your GP on completion of a day program.

Access and Referrals