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After Hours GP Clinic

After Hours GP Clinic

Quality, convenient GP care

The After Hours GP Clinic in Cairns Private Hospital provides high quality, timely care from respected local GPs (General Practitioners). There is easy access to pathology, radiology and pharmacy.

The appointment-based Clinic is serviced by highly skilled and experienced GPs, supported by registered nurses and backed by the Hospital’s cardiologists and physicians.

If you have a regular GP, information about your consultation and copies of any test results can be sent to them on your request.

While the Clinic can deal with a variety of illnesses, some typical services include:

  • Treatment for infections
  • Suturing for minor cuts and wounds
  • Ear/eye problems
  • Muscle and joint injuries
  • X-rays
  • Gastrointestinal problems (such as stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhoea)
  • Skin complaints
  • General unwellness
  • Urgent prescriptions and medical certificates (if appropriate)

The Clinic does NOT provide these services:

  • Testing or treatment for COVID-19
  • Prescribe or stock Opiates or Benzodiazepines
  • Perform medicals for insurance purposes
  • Offer routine vaccination programs
  • Conduct routine health assessments including screening tests
  • Fracture treatment

Book appointment

07 4052 5305

Regular clinic hours

Weekdays: Evenings

Weekends: Afternoons & Early Evenings

Public holidays: Open - please contact 07 4052 5305 for times 


The After Hours GP Clinic is private billing. All consultation fees must be paid in full at time of visit and we claim from Medicare directly to have the refund paid into your account (bank details must be registered with Medicare). We do not offer a bulk-billing service.

Our full fee schedule can be viewed here and is also displayed in our main reception area.

The fee for a standard private consult after 8pm is $156.80, with a Medicare refund of $51.80 (this means an out of pocket fee of $105.00). Pensioners' out of pocket fee for standard private consult is $55.

*Please note, longer consultations and/or minor procedures may attract a higher fee. 

Appointments essential

Book appointment: 07 4052 5305

Phone-booked appointments can be made from 12.00pm each day.


The Clinic is located inside Cairns Private Hospital, 1 Upward Street, Cairns. The friendly staff at main reception will check your details and direct you.