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Cairns Private Hospital, Cairns Day Surgery specialist Deepa Gopinath

Dr Deepa Gopinath


Dr Deepa Gopinath is a Gynaecologist and subspecialist Urogynaecologist who has always been very passionate about improving pelvic floor function in adult women.

Born in India, Dr Gopinath attained her MBBS and MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology before moving to Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2003. Whilst undertaking specialist O&G training in the UK, she discovered a passion for urogynaecology and completed research

and subspecialist training in 2014. Dr Gopinath moved to Cairns in 2017 and offers public sessions at Cairns hospital. She has recently completed the Australian equivalent of urogynaecology certification, including a 12-month fellowship at the Royal Women’s Hospital in


Now offering private urogynacological services and operating at Cairns Private Hospital and Cairns Day Surgery, Ramsay Cairns welcomes Dr Gopinath.

Special interest: 

  • Urogynaecological diagnosis, procedures and surgery for prolapse, urinary/faecal incontinence
  • Urodynamics
  • Treatment of painful bladder and recurrent urinary infections
  • Routine gynaecological diagnosis (menstrual disorders, pelvic pain)
  • Treatment of female sexual dysfunction and dyspareunia
  • Perineal trauma following childbirth
  • Diagnostic and advanced operative gynaecological endoscopy
  • Robotic urogynaecological surgery