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Pre admission

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Maternity - Pre admission

So everything is ready for you when you arrive at Cairns Private Hospital we ask that you complete our online booking registration form at your earliest convenience. We recommend you allow 15-30 minutes for this process. Please ensure you have your private health insurance details and Medicare number on hand.

You will receive an automatic email reply to confirm that your online registration has been received. One of our team will then call you in due course. MyCare will save your admission information in your secure account. If you need to be admitted to the hospital again you can log in and submit a new form where you will have the option to update any information that may have changed from your previous admission.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call (07) 4052 5232 or contact us via email at

How to book

To book in at Cairns Private Hospital you need to take all of the following steps (even if it is not the first baby you have had with us) once your pregnancy has been confirmed:


    Arrange an appointment with one of our Obstetricians

    Consider participating in the Know My Midwife Program

  2. ONLINE ADMISSION FORM (from 6 weeks gestation)

    Following discussion with your consultant, you may begin your booking in process by completing the online booking registration form.

    You will receive an automatic email reply to confirm that your online registration has been received.

  3. PRE-ADMISSION & CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASS (from 12 weeks gestation)

    Phone our maternity bookings officer on 4052 5280 Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm to arrange an appointment with a Midwife and to book Childbirth Education Classes.  If you are unable to visit the hospital, the Midwife Interview can be done by telephone. Once you have attended your Midwife Interview, your booking process is complete.

    Childbirth Education Class (face-to-face) - 2 Class options (see below*)
    Childbirth Education Class (online) - free & can be completed at home
    If you would like to register for Childbirth Education classes call (07) 4052 5280 (Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm)

    If you are booking in for a Planned Caesarean, it is extremely important that you bring your signed Operation Consent Form when you come in on your admission day.

Childbirth Education Class (face-to-face)*

OPTION 1: Natural & Assisted Birth -Childbirth Class (1 day program)

The Modules include: 1 to 4 series

  1. Pregnancy, Labour & Birth
  2. Variations of labour, birth & pain relief
  3. Parenting
  4. Breastfeeding

OPTION 2: Specialty Class: Caesarean Birth -Childbirth Class (1 day program)

  • Includes information from Modules 1 to 4
  • Caesarean Section & Breastfeeding

For any other inquiries phone our switchboard on 4052 5200 (Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm)

For assistance in an emergency call the Maternity Unit on 4052 5232 (24 hours) and speak to a midwife.

Appointment for Midwife Interview

This is a vital part of your booking process. It is an opportunity for sharing information and preparing your medical record in advance. It ensures that when you arrive at the hospital for your birth your medical record is complete and ready for use, any risk factors are identified and you are well informed about what to expect during your stay with us.

Childbirth Education Classes

Our childbirth and parenting classes are designed to assist you and your partner to gain the knowledge and confidence to be involved with decisions relating to your birth and care of your baby. Our aim is to make the transition to parenthood a positive one by preparing you for the changes in your lives.

Private Health Insurance

Contact your private health fund who will confirm your level of cover and advise you if there is an excess or co-payment on your policy.

Previous Medical Treatment

If you have been receiving treatment elsewhere – especially outside Australia – please be sure to advise your specialist.

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