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While you are with us

Our experience allows you to enjoy yours

While You Are With Us

The birth of your baby and the days following are a very special time. At Cairns Private Hospital we work to ensure your stay with us is as restful and relaxing as possible.

Your length of stay with us will be dependent on your individual birth experience – on average patients who experience a vaginal birth are discharged after the third night while patients who give birth by Caesarean section are discharged after the fourth night, unless you decide to leave earlier for our Luxury Hotel Stay option.

While You Are With Us
While You Are With Us


Our philosophy embraces a belief in the benefits of partners being involved in a “hands-on” parenting experience from delivery, ensuring they are present to provide physical and emotional support to their partner.

Partners are welcome at all times in our Maternity Unit to support you and bond with your new baby.

Overnight accommodation and meals are also available for partners.

Partners are welcome at all times in our Maternity Unit
Partners are welcome at all times in our Maternity Unit

What to bring to hospital:

The birth of a baby is one of life’s most treasured experiences and it is good to be prepared. We advise you to pack your bag in readiness for the birth by 34 weeks.

  • Three packets of maternity sanitary pads
  • Comfortable nightwear and casual wear for day time
  • Footwear (to be worn at all times outside of your room)
  • Underwear & maternity bras
  • Breast pads
  • Toiletries
  • Items for use in your birthing plan (music, stress balls, essential oils, non-aerosol water spray for cooling etc)
  • Antenatal record
  • Health fund card / Medicare card
  • Any current medication
  • If desired: book, magazine, pen & writing materials
  • Any clothes you may wish to dress your baby in and wrap for going home (N.B. we provide wraps, clothes, nappies & wipes but you are welcome to bring your own)
  • If your informed choice is to bottle feed your baby, we ask that you bring your own formula and bottles. The maternity staff will then provide you with individual instruction on how to feed your baby while you are in hospital.
  • Remember you’ll need an approved baby restraint already fitted to your vehicle prior to discharge. You can call the RACQ on 131 905 to find your nearest RTA authorised fitting station.


We welcome your friends and family wishing to help celebrate the birth of your new baby and our visiting hours are from 8am to 11am, and 3pm to 8pm daily.

Rest period is between 11am and 3pm.

Visiting hours and rest periods do not apply to partners and other children.

Patient and visitor parking is available. Local Council parking fees apply in some parking areas.