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Melloy mixes music and medicine

Jun 10, 2022

It was Aemelia Melloy’s passion for music that led her to medicine.

Melloy mixes music and medicine

With a Bachelor of Music she worked as a registered music therapist for dementia patients and engaged in multidisciplinary team meetings in hospitals. It was here she became increasingly interested in people’s medical needs.

So when her daughter reached primary school Aemelia chose to go back to tertiary study, thinking she’d become a geriatrician. As part of her medical training she met a surgeon who became her mentor, influencing her to follow a surgical path.

Dr Melloy completed her training at various hospitals in south east Queensland and Cairns – and relocated her family to Cairns to set up a general surgery practice earlier this year, operating at Cairns Private Hospital.

“General surgery is so varied, there are so many different types of surgeries which makes it really interesting,” she said. “It’s very rewarding – you see the patient, they have a problem, you fix it, and patients are so grateful.”

Dr Melloy plays violin and piano and while she hasn’t played in an operating theatre, she has joined the Cairns Concert String Orchestra, has plans for a grand piano at her house, and locals are trying to get her to join a choir.

“I just love music and it helps me unwind,” she said.

In her surgical practice, Dr Melloy has a special interest breast and endocrine which includes thyroid issues and a variety of breast concerns such as cancer, breast pain, discharge, and non-cancerous lumps.

“I see patients at any age and demographic, and younger females comment that it’s nice to have a female surgeon.

“Some patients have private health insurance but others choose to self-fund privately because of the wait times for non-urgent surgery in the public system.”

Dr Melloy chose to move from Brisbane to Cairns with her family this year as she always wanted to return after working here as a registrar for a year about five years ago.

“We love the outdoors and the people here are so friendly – it really feels like more of a community.”