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Ramsay expands into the community with Australia’s fastest growing national psychology business

Jul 11, 2022

Ramsay Health Care has moved its mental health service provision beyond hospitals and into the community, opening 11 psychology clinics across Australia in the past year with plans to establish a total of 30 clinics and more than 200 psychologists across the country within the next two years.

Ramsay Psychology, now located in eight cities across New South Wales and Queensland, is the fastest growing and most expansive psychology business in Australia.

Ramsay Australia CEO Carmel Monaghan said the service built on Ramsay’s reputation as a leading acute mental health provider and would give people more options to access a broader range of mental health services.

“Ramsay has been a leading provider of acute mental health services for almost 60 years since Paul Ramsay opened his first psychiatric hospital in Sydney. Our facilities provide a range of services for people suffering with eating disorders, PTSD, depression and addiction issues providing excellent outcomes.

“With this strong background and experience and given the growing need for mental health care accelerated by Covid, we saw a need to extend our mental health service provision beyond the hospital walls and into the community.

So far the service has been overwhelmed with almost 10,000 consultations since the clinics commenced opening during the past year.

Most of the clinics are opening in and around Ramsay’s current acute hospital services which allow for smooth transition from acute care, continuity of support and improved long term outcomes for patients.

“Taking our expertise into the community allows an individual with a mental health need to access help before their situation escalates and reduces the risk of an inpatient admission. 

“Our community practices can provide care for all mental health concerns including those associated with mood, anxiety, substance misuse, eating disorders and PTSD. Our practices can also provide psychometric testing for cognitive impairment, attention deficit disorder and other behavioural disorders.

The prevalence of anxiety, depression and eating disorders is growing in young Australians, exacerbated by Covid but also generated by uncertainty of the future, school and social media pressures. The growing numbers in this age group are also due to the availability of better diagnostic tools identifying early onset of these disorders and greater societal and community acceptance to reach out for care and treatment earlier.

Ramsay is also focused on other innovations in the psychiatry / mental health space including the new women’s mental health unit in Wollongong and Specialist Women’s Mental Health Service in Victoria and more child and adolescent mental health facilities and specialty units.