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Ramsay launches career-boosting programs to empower nurses and midwives

May 10, 2021

Ramsay Health Care Australia has launched an exciting new range of professional development programs specifically tailored for nurses and midwives, as part of its commitment to provide pathways to grow and empower its people.

Chief Executive Officer Carmel Monaghan announced the initiatives to coincide with International Day of the Midwife (5 May) and the upcoming International Nurses Day (12 May).

“As I’ve been visiting our hospitals around Australia, our nurses and midwives have been telling me they want more education. I’m delighted to announce today that we have listened and will be rolling out four new professional development programs this year,” Ms Monaghan said.

Ms Monaghan said the four programs designed for nurses and midwives were very diverse and there would be a big focus on mental health nursing:

  1. Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow program
    This is a prestigious professional development program for emerging leaders who are currently nurse unit managers and midwifery unit managers. It will involve a formal upskilling program and opportunities to act up as Directors of Clinical Services.

  2. Ramsay Nursing Fellowship program
    This will provide new graduates with a two year fellowship program, allowing them to work between several Ramsay sites and rotations will include mental health, medical and surgical.

  3. Back to the Bedside program
    The goal of this initiative is to reduce red tape that prevents nurses and midwives from spending more time with patients.

  4. DCS Induction and Mentorship program
    This program will support new Directors of Clinical Services to receive comprehensive education, training and support.

“Paul Ramsay always said ‘our people are our most important asset’ and I am big a supporter of this philosophy,” Ms Monaghan said.

“I am really looking forward to seeing how our nurses and midwives develop through these programs in the coming years,” she said.

Chief Nurse Dr Bernadette Eather said the four programs had been designed for all levels of experience – from graduate nurses through to directors of clinical services.

“Our graduate nurses will have the opportunity to undertake a new two-year fellowship program that will allow them to complete a post graduate certificate in their second year. New graduates will also be able to work between several Ramsay sites, allowing them to experience different rotations such as mental health, medical and surgical nursing,” Ms Eather said.

“For those nurses and midwives who are more established in their careers, the Director of Clinical Services Induction and Mentorship course and the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow course will give them a pathway into future management roles. These courses will also allow us to identify and nurture future leaders through a formal upskilling program,” Ms Eather said.

Finally, the ‘Back to Bedside’ program aims to cut back on duplication and red tape so that nurses and midwives can spend more time with their patients.

“Our people really are our most important asset and these new programs illustrate just how passionate Ramsay is about listening to the needs and ambitions of our nurses and midwives,” Ms Monaghan said.

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Ramsay launches career-boosting programs to empower nurses and midwives