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School sweethearts back to beginning

Nov 30, 2021

After both being born at Cairns Private Hospital in 1986 when it was called Calvary Hospital, Mossman teachers Christie and Thomas Vinter were recently back there again welcoming their first son Harvey into the world.

The couple met in year 10 at Mossman State High School and have built a contented life there since, studying locally at JCU and now teaching at Mossman schools – Christie prep and Thomas high school.

 “What’s kept us local is the environment, family, friends – that’s really important to us,” Thomas said.

“It’s in our DNA. We’ve travelled the world a couple of times but seeing the world makes us love it here even more.”

The outdoor enthusiasts and self-described ‘yachties’ love rural Mossman life and describe it as paradise.

“The day Harvey can swim will be the day he can come sailing and fishing. We’re looking forward to giving him the space, the freedom to grow up in this environment like we did; things like climbing trees.”

The couple have been together twenty years and married for ten, and little Harvey’s arrival on November 15 has brought them much excitement.

“Our love developed over time, but with Harvey, in the space of minutes he just explodes our hearts,” Thomas said.

The Vinters chose Cairns Private Hospital and obstetrician Dr Natalie Kiesey-Calding – who they affectionately call Dr Nat – based on positive feedback from friends.

“We can stay together as a couple for the week at Cairns Private and we’re so well looked after – the team is fantastic and make you feel relaxed.

“It’s been a journey for us and Dr Nat has been there from the start and really comforting in the ups and downs and great to talk to, particularly during Covid.”

Dr Natalie Kiesey-Calding describes the Vinters as a great team and a family in our “village”.

“I’ve been at Cairns Private for 14 years, I also had my daughter here – we serve the community.

“It’s the integration of mum, dads and babies into the community that’s our role – we’re their pit crew – and ultimately they need someone who cares, listens, someone they can access when things are not going well, and that’s who we are at Cairns Private.

“I also think that breastfeeding is better supported, as those we care for don’t have to leave hospital  on day two before their milk comes in.

“People who build a life in the region, they commit to the region,” she said, adding that as a smaller, more personalised unit, Cairns Private Maternity delivers continuity of care for locals, a therapeutic alliance for families, with the same team, including dedicated midwives, obstetricians, paediatricians and lactation consultants delivering care before, during and after birth.