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Your Stay

During your stay at the Cairns Early Parenting Centre, our team will work in partnership with you in finding the best way for your family and what you are comfortable with in achieving your goals, offering compassionate, hands-on help as required.

We will work with you to establish an individualised program, including an age-appropriate routine for daily care for your infant and to address the issues you are experiencing.

During the day there are opportunities for rest, education and support via individual and group discussion.

On arrival, your infant will be admitted to the Centre under the care of an experienced General Practitioner or Paediatrician. In addition, a Psychologist is available on a consultancy basis if required.

Your stay at the Cairns Early Parenting Centre
Your stay at the Cairns Early Parenting Centre


The Cairns Early Parenting Centre offers your own private room with ensuite with your infant in the same room. Also provided is a television with Foxtel, and Wi-Fi access.

The Centre has a play space in the lounge and parents have access to a kitchenette.

The Centre provides:

  • Highchair, infant bath and change table
  • Food / meals for you and your infant
  • Towels and linen
  • CCTV in your room with a Tablet for viewing your infant sleeping

What to bring

When preparing for your admission to the Cairns Early Parenting Centre please pack the following:

  • Infant health record book (Red book)
  • Health insurance details
  • Medicare card
  • Proof of immunisation

For yourself:

  • Casual comfortable day clothes
  • Night attire
  • Toiletries
  • Current medications
  • A drink bottle

For your infant:

  • Clothing - enough for duration (no laundry facilities)
  • Toiletries
  • Disposable nappies
  • Nappy bags/wipes
  • Favourite toys/blankets (just a few)
  • Wraps/bibs
  • Current medications
  • Bottles, brush, teats, formula and infant cup (if required) - please label with your child’s name
  • Sterilising equipment (if required)
  • Pram/stroller
  • If your infant has eczema or sensitive skin, your own cot sheets
  • Bedtime reading books
  • Night wear/Child sleeping bag (Infants 4 months and older may use an acceptable sleeping bag. All sleeping bags must have a tog rating greater than 1.0 and should be lightweight)

Please note: We follow the SIDS/Red Nose guidelines – If an infant has the ability to roll, then they should be placed on their back first. Only once an infant has been observed as repeatedly rolling from their back to front over a few weeks can they stay in that position.

What to bring
What to bring


Upon completion of the program, a team member who cared for you and your infant will meet with you to review and discuss your progress and goals achieved. Planning for further ongoing support may be necessary and referrals will be provided if required.

Discharge time is 10am.